Saturday, August 8, 2009

Join my pitty party, wont you?

Well i know it's normal to feel a little anxious towards the's not the end yet. Tomorrow I will be 33 weeks, still leaving 7 more weeks till due date. I am officially uncomfortable. Today Jeremy and I went to see The Ugly Truth, yes I know I'm lucky he will watch these movies with me. Well just as I sat down Jayden decided to wedge her little arm or leg right under my ribs! stretching and walking around didn't help, so I had a hard time enjoying the movie. Yeah I know, waa waa that's life. I feel I have done pretty well this whole time, but now I would like to fast forward 7 weeks and get this little one out of me. Besides i want to meet her already! I'm ready to be able to pick up something off the floor again, and walk more than 20 minutes without a break. Oh and It will be nice to not have to pee atleast twice an hour.... Ok pitty party over. On a brighter note, we put the finishing touches on the nursery today and it's officially done!

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