Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

Well... i suck! I told you all last week that we don't have a scale, so I have to drive to base and walk through all the people actually working out and go weigh myself and walk back out. It's incredibly embarrassing, and a huge pain in the ass. So since Jeremy is working today I couldn't bring myself to load Jayden in the car and drive all the way over there, and bring her in with me. So my weight will have to wait till Friday! But I'm guessing it's not good because I had soup and salad from Olive Garden twice and might have done a little breakfast cheat too. Oops =( So... check back on Friday!


Friday, March 26, 2010


I was feeling Nostalgic today, so I decided to post some wedding pics. So here they are.
Married November 16th, 2008


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

Again already?!?!

Well I have officially been on Nutrisystem for one whole week. And it is getting easier and easier everyday. My stomach has shrunk a bit so I am not hungry all the time. And to be honest most of the food is actually really good! I actually crave their pizzas, and their cookies are really tasty too.

So, here it goes, the first weigh in. I went to base to weigh myself since we don't have a scale (which is really annoying by the way). FOr my first week I lost 4 1/2 lbs! Which i know is not going to happen every week, but I think that's a pretty good start.

3/17/2010 - 187lbs
3/24/2010 - 182.5lbs



Friday, March 19, 2010


There has been a lot going on around here. The first thing is sort of a controversial topic. We have been doing Cry It Out with Jayden. I never thought I would be one of the moms trying this, but after 5 1/2 months of the sleep issues we have been having with tiny, I changed my mind! First I will tell you about when we tried this at 4 months. Her pedi had recommended this to me and at first I was really mad and against it, but I thought I should at least try. It was a disaster to say the least. We let her cry for 1 hour, it was so hard for me. She never calmed down, and when we went in to get her she was covered in sweat and throw up. I scooped her up and held her and cried while she sat there looking around completely fine.

Fast forward a month and a half and it brings us to Sunday night. She has been swaddled since birth, but she had learned how to roll over in her swaddle and ended up face down one night and couldn't turn back over. So I decided to go cold turkey with the swaddle. I spent a few nights with her sleeping with me and it was not working. I read that someone had tried again at 5 1/2 months and it was a success. I decided we were going to do this again. I was at the end of my rope.

Instead of just letting her cry we decided to do checks. We put her to bed and left the room. After 5 minutes of crying I went in and stroked her cheek and said "I love you and you are doing a great job" and then after 10 min, and 15 and so on. It was rough at first, I almost gave up. The night wakings were the worst. one night she was up from 12:25-3:45 and then 4:15-5:00 and then up for the day at 6:50. After that night I called my husband at work and asked him to take the next day off. I just needed help. We put her down like we had the 3 nights before and I was dreading it big time. But it turned out so great. She woke up a few times, but after a minute or two of whining she put herself back to sleep. I fed her once at 4:30 then she slept till 7:30! 12 hours!!! And last night it went about the same!

She is able to put herself to sleep all the time, and for naps she sometimes doesn't cry at all. She does have some harder times but overall I could not be happier that we did this! And to make it even better, my little monkey is so much happier now, it's amazing what sleep can do for the both of us.

Another change would be our solid food journey. I have been making her food here at home and she is loving it. I will write more about that later.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

Today is my very first Weight Loss Wednesday. It's about time I get started on this. Well as I mentioned before I am starting Nutrisystem. Today is officially day 1, and even though I have only had one thing, so far so good.

I am hoping to add pictures soon, I just have to get the guts first. =) For breakfast I had a cinnamon roll and a banana. It was pretty small, but tasty. I will let you know how soon I get hungry.

Now to the embarrasssing stuff. I am going to give you all my real weight! I have lost about 25 pounds since having Jayden, but I am still 16 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight. My real weight as of yesterday is.... 187 lbs! Eew, I hate seeing that written down.

My first goal is to make it to my pre-pregnancy weight which is 171 lbs. But I would be lying if I said I was happy with my weight before I got pregnant. So, my second goal will be my final goal. I am going to try to be realistic about it. I have always been heavier than I look. In college, when I was really happy with my body I was still 140-145. And so, my final goal will be 155. Of course I will re-think my final weight when I get that far. But I think that would be a comfortable weight for me.

And now, my inspiration pic. I know it's a random picture, but I am probably around 145 in this picture and I would LOVE to look like this again!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Coming Soon

Weight loss Wednesday. Enough is enough. Jayden is over 5 months and I am still 16 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. And I am still in my maternity jeans! This is pathetic. mom and I have signed up for Nutrisystem. It has been shipped, so as soon as it gets here I will start and keep you all updated. Now i have to decide if I'm going to post real weight numbers and pictures. What do you all think?


Friday, March 5, 2010

Without further ado...

And now, what you have all been waiting for, my guest blogger Alissa! If you haven't seen her blog yet you better check it out here

I am so excited to be guest blogging over here at "All About Jayden Paige". My first blog name was actually "All About Molly" but I changed it because I started writing more about our excursions and things we were doing together to "Molly and Mommy". Anyway---this is my first time guest blogging--so bear with me. Kelly left it open for me to write about whatever I wanted and I picked a topic, but I kind of got off topic because I am sleep deprived (I am not one of the lucky ones whose child sleeps through the night).

I am going to tell you all about the day my life changed forever and the months following that day.

I was at my OB's office last year for what I thought were irregular periods, because I had already taken eleventy billion pregnancy tests and they were all negative. They gave me a pregnancy test as soon as I got there and I sat waiting for the CNP to come in and talk to me.

When she opened the door, she had a huge smile on her face and she asked "Are you ready to be a mother?"

After the initial panic set in (along with the inevitable morning sickness), I was excited. A week later, I heard that tiny little heartbeat for the first time and saw my tiny little bean. It was love at first sight.

Did I mention that I never really wanted children? I mean, I thought I might, maybe....some day. I wanted a career first. I flew through college and received my BBA in Marketing and MBA in record time (4 years)---I wanted to be a career woman. I envisioned myself sitting behind a desk in an office with a view, giving lower management a piece of my mind. I never thought I would be laid off from my dream job AND find out I was pregnant all within 5 days of each other. That threw me through a loop I was NOT expecting.

I made it through 9 months of pregnancy with no problems what-so-ever. The only hard part was being in labor for three days, although the end result was so worth it. Molly was 7 lbs 4 oz with a beautiful head of brown hair and brown eyes. Life took on an entirely new meaning the minute she was handed to me.

Life since then has been a blur. I am a stay at home mom, which is something I never imagined myself doing. My day is dictated by a 15 lb bundle of energy in diapers and I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.

I think a lot of people wonder what exactly a Stay at Home Mom does all day. On the message board Kelly and I frequent there is a good mix of Stay at Home and Working Moms. I envy working moms and don't envy them at the same time. As much as I would love to be putting my Masters degree to use, I can't imagine being away from Molly for any amount of time.

Here was my schedule when I was working:

6:00 AM- Wake up, shower, get dressed, Take the dog out

7:00 AM- Leave for work

7:30AM-5:00PM- Work.

5:00 PM- Drive Home from Work

5:30PM- 9:30PM- Get home from work. Watch TV. Take the dog out a couple times. Eat.

9:30PM(ish)- Go to bed

My schedule now-

Anytime between 4am and 6am- Get up for the day. Change Molly's diaper. Take the dog out. Change her diaper again because she inevitably pooped in her fresh diaper. Play with her. Feed her. Deal with fussiness because she's tired again. Take a nap with Molly.

Anytime between 8am and 10am- Wake up from nap. Diaper Change. Eat breakfast. Feed Molly. Play with Molly. Attempt to get on computer. Watch Molly try to put something in her mouth that she shouldn't be eating, take away said object. Deal with the brat fit that ensues from taking away something she wanted to eat. Try and get her to go to sleep because she's tired and won't go to sleep because there's too much going on. Once she is asleep, try to put her down. She wakes up screaming. Let her nap on my chest because that's the only way she'll sleep.

Sometime between Oh crap, what time is it? and 5PM- Take pictures of Molly, take the dog out again, eat lunch (a bar is lunch, right?), put Molly in her jumperoo and attempt to shower. Get the shower running and then Molly starts to scream. Turn shower off. Pick Molly up. Sing and play with Molly again. Put her in her jumperoo (aka the circle of neglect), listen to her beat on the flowers. Try to get online and look for a job.

10PM- Molly is finally asleep (maybe). Take a shower. Try and go to sleep myself.

I may have to ask my 6 month old boss for a raise.

To be honest with you, as much as I enjoyed working and bringing home a paycheck, I love being at home with Molly more. It may be stressful and hectic at times, but I can't imagine not spending this precious time with her.

Thanks for letting me join you over here at All About Jayden Paige. I hope you enjoyed my sleep deprived ramblings--I know I enjoyed writing this for you all.

I leave you with a super cute picture of my little girl in Skinny Jeans:

Hugs and Lots of Slobbery Smoochies,

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I am one lucky girl!

Alissa from Molly and Mommy has agreed to be my very first guest blogger. If you have never seen her blog, you are missing out on one of the cutest little faces you will ever see. Not to mention her super sweet and smart mom.

My parents are coming to town to see me Jayden which will keep me from blogging for a week or so. But stay tuned because Friday Alissa will be here to discuss..... well you will have to wait and see.

In the meantime check her out here MMButton you will love her, promise.