Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cervix = Fort Knox

I am 38 weeks 4 days today. I had my 38 week appointment yesterday and for the second week in a row I am still fully closed. No progress. When I heard that at my 37 week appointment I was pretty upset, but this time I am ok with it. Only 10 days until my due date, and I'm hoping to have her right around then. I know a lot of first time moms go a little late, but I feel that the risks outweigh the benefits of going past 40/41 weeks. And my doctor agrees. We are hoping to be able to schedule an induction at my next appointment, which is in 6 days. I will keep you all updated, but don't be surprised if it's another 2 weeks =)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

37 Weeks!

Today is a BIG deal! i am 37 weeks, which is technically full term! As you can tell by the over abundance of exclamation marks, I am super excited. I am due in 3 weeks, but it could really be any time now. Although I am under strict instruction to keep my legs closed until the cord blood kit gets here. My wonderful parents were so kind to give us and our daughter the best gift ever, cord blood collection and storage. Thanks mommy and daddy!

How far along? 37 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 39 pounds still, I hadn't gained any weight at my last appointment, thanks god!
Maternity clothes? yep, duh! I am running out of things that fit, but refuse to buy more since I'm almost done. In fact some of the earlier maternity shirts I bought have turned into half shirts, going almost above the belly button.
Sleep: Ha ha, what's that? Now I have a hard time getting back to sleep after getting up to pee, which is still around 5-6 times a night =( but I did have two whole nights of decent sleep, only getting up 4 times!
Best moment this week: Um...duh I'm full term.
Movement: I feel a lot of pushing and rolling, sometimes the pushes are pretty painful, she's strong.
Food cravings: same as pre-pregnancy, everything bad, esp. ice cream
Gender: Girl!
Labor Signs: I have been having some contractions, but nothing time-able. They even kept me awake one night.
Belly Button in or out? I think it's officially out.....although not enough to show through my shirts.
What I miss: sleeping all night, this will probably be my permanent answer...and a normal bladder, after reading pregnancy boards I realize I have it much worse than most pregnant women. These girls complain about having to get up twice a night.... I wish.
What I am looking forward to: Having an outside baby
Weekly Wisdom: If your body is telling you to relax then damn it, relax
Milestones: Um did I mention i am full term?