Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Weigh ins

I have decided to move my weigh ins to Friday. Basically it is because I cheat on the weekends. SO that is all. Check on Friday for my first weigh in since before the holidays.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Week 3 and 4 weigh in

I have to be honest. I am not really doing weight watchers anymore. I did start out researching everything i ate, and counting my points. After a week of tracking I pretty much gave up. I am using more of an estimation system, eating better, less of it, and working out. Basically just a common sense diet. I had a major issue with portions. Just cutting my portions down has helped a lot. You would not believe how much I ate before.

Honestly as far as tips go, the best advice I have are things I hear all the time. Use a smaller plate!!! I used to hear that all the time and thought it was stupid, but it works. Also use a knife and fork whenever you can. It helps you eat slower and feel full sooner. It has also been a lot easier than I thought to try to cut down on the snacking. I used to eat a whole bowl of goldfish. A good snack for me now is one wedge of the garlic and herb laughing cow cheese with whole wheat ritz crackers. Also pay attention to the portion/serving size on the nutritional information. It doesn't matter if baked doritos only have 200 (total guess) calories a serving if you eat 4 servings. If the serving size is 15 chips, count 15 chips. It's plenty I promise.

Now down to the good stuff. Weight and measurements.

Start weight 184
Second week 180
Third week 177
Fourth week 173
I have lost 11 pounds in 3 1/2 weeks (I did week 4 early)

As far as measurements go I am really thrilled with the results
Second week in inches
Bust -1.5
Waiste -1
Belly -.5
Hips -3
Thigh -2
Bicep -.5
Total= -8.5

Third week in inches
Bust -1.5
Waist -1.5
Belly -2.5
Hips -0
Thigh -0
Bicep -0
Total= -5.5

In 3 weeks I lost a total of 14 inches!!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Week 2 Weigh In

This past week I thought I worked really hard. I worked out 4 days, and thought I did well on my points. We did go to Mexican food again, and I did has Silver Mine subs twice. But I made good choices at all three places. I even skipped a much needed alcoholic beverage at dinner because I didn't want to drink my calories.

SO I started at 184
Last week down to 180
This week I am between 177-178
Down 2-3 pounds this week. The reason I am not sure is because I have a very cheap scale and it keeps going back and forth.

There is a blog I read called Don't Stop Beleivin I am getting a lot of inspiration from Katie, and she has some great Weigh Watcher tips. 


Monday, November 29, 2010

Week 1 Weigh In

For now I have chosen Mondays as my weigh in day. i have a feeling I will change that pretty soon because my cheat day will most likely be on the weekend.

I know I was crazy to start right before the holiday of eating, but I felt like I needed to start right away, I couldn't hold off because I am so unhappy with myself. I am actually considering pictures, and if I decide yes, I will just edit this post and add them. I haven't been happy with my weight since I had Jayden, I am not comfortable in my clothes, and sure as hell am not comfortable out of my clothes. The first couple days on this diet were not that bad, I did really well Mon-Wed. I knew I was going to let Thursday be a free day, and I did. The part that is hard for me is going to restaurants. Husband and I like to go out to eat. We went to Mexican food and I got Chicken Fajitas, those are a pretty good choice but..... they were so good I ate way too much.

Over all I have mixed feelings about my first week. I think I did good considering the holiday weekend, but I didn't need that chocolate cake at the base party, and I didn't need to eat so many chips at Guadalajara. But I did resist candy for our movie Saturday night, and I also lost even though it was a holiday weekend centered around eating.

So here it goes...........

Starting weight on Nov. 22nd: 184
Weigh in on November 29th: 180

Down four pounds my first week! Oh and by the way my short term goal is 15 pounds, long term is 30.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What am I thankful for?

There is so much I could put on this list. First and Foremost I am thankful for my daughter....

I love this picture because I just see her personality radiating here. She is so silly and happy. She loves to dance and even tries to sing. She is so independent and loves to read. Books are probably her favorite thing, well besides Violet. She is so social, not shy at all. I am just so thankful for every second I get to be with her.

I am also Thankful for the rest of my family. A great husband who is able to provide so I can stay home with my daughter. 2 sets of wonderful grandparents for my little girl. Wonderful friends who keep in touch and new friends to keep me sane. Thanksgiving with friends, and Christmas with family.

And most of all I am Thankful for my health and the health of my friends and family. I can only hope to have another year with as many blessings.