Saturday, December 18, 2010

Week 3 and 4 weigh in

I have to be honest. I am not really doing weight watchers anymore. I did start out researching everything i ate, and counting my points. After a week of tracking I pretty much gave up. I am using more of an estimation system, eating better, less of it, and working out. Basically just a common sense diet. I had a major issue with portions. Just cutting my portions down has helped a lot. You would not believe how much I ate before.

Honestly as far as tips go, the best advice I have are things I hear all the time. Use a smaller plate!!! I used to hear that all the time and thought it was stupid, but it works. Also use a knife and fork whenever you can. It helps you eat slower and feel full sooner. It has also been a lot easier than I thought to try to cut down on the snacking. I used to eat a whole bowl of goldfish. A good snack for me now is one wedge of the garlic and herb laughing cow cheese with whole wheat ritz crackers. Also pay attention to the portion/serving size on the nutritional information. It doesn't matter if baked doritos only have 200 (total guess) calories a serving if you eat 4 servings. If the serving size is 15 chips, count 15 chips. It's plenty I promise.

Now down to the good stuff. Weight and measurements.

Start weight 184
Second week 180
Third week 177
Fourth week 173
I have lost 11 pounds in 3 1/2 weeks (I did week 4 early)

As far as measurements go I am really thrilled with the results
Second week in inches
Bust -1.5
Waiste -1
Belly -.5
Hips -3
Thigh -2
Bicep -.5
Total= -8.5

Third week in inches
Bust -1.5
Waist -1.5
Belly -2.5
Hips -0
Thigh -0
Bicep -0
Total= -5.5

In 3 weeks I lost a total of 14 inches!!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Week 2 Weigh In

This past week I thought I worked really hard. I worked out 4 days, and thought I did well on my points. We did go to Mexican food again, and I did has Silver Mine subs twice. But I made good choices at all three places. I even skipped a much needed alcoholic beverage at dinner because I didn't want to drink my calories.

SO I started at 184
Last week down to 180
This week I am between 177-178
Down 2-3 pounds this week. The reason I am not sure is because I have a very cheap scale and it keeps going back and forth.

There is a blog I read called Don't Stop Beleivin I am getting a lot of inspiration from Katie, and she has some great Weigh Watcher tips.