Monday, November 30, 2009

Baby stuff that rocks!

I know every baby is different, but these are the things we love and probably would be lost without incase anyone cares =)

Gas drops! - A must have for every meal

Sleep Positioner - Helps her feel secure in the co-sleeper and keeps her from squirming too much.

Aveeno baby wash, works great and doesn't irritate my little gingers skin.

Glowing seahorse - it glows and it plays music, and I'm pretty sure it has crack in it too.

Pampers swaddlers - Best diapers by far

Playtex drop-ins, since we started using these bottles Jayden's gas has reduced dramatically, and the clean up is much easier.

Arms reach co-sleeper - She wouldn't sleep in it at first but now that she will it is the best. It fits right up to the bed and makes overnight feedings way easier.

Carters onesies - Jayden actually wears one of these 24/7. She wears them during the day with pants, and at night under her swaddle blanket.

Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe - This thing is the best! It has velcro and is the only brand we have found that actually keeps her squirmy arms in.

Cloth Diapers - We go through atleast 4 a day, we use them for burb cloths and messy formula feedings

Saturday, November 28, 2009

My new baby

As Jayden gets older, I wake up every morning with a new baby. She changes so much from day to day, and everyday she gets more beautiful. She has turned into the most amazing little baby, better than anything I could have hoped for. She sleeps in her bassinet now, which has been the best thing for all of us. All three of us sleep better, especially me! She enjoys the swing now, the vibrating chair, and even let me eat dinner a few times on our vacation while she sat in the vibrating chair. She smiles ALL the time, always wakes up smiling, in the best mood. Her dad calls her "Wubbies" and pedals her legs real fast while saying it, it always makes her giggle. Jayden is very active, it's hard to catch a picture of her without her arms blurring the picture. She has started "talking" making so many cute and fun noises. Overall she is a VERY happy baby. She cries when she's hungry, when she gets her face washed, and her nose suctioned. And occasionally she gets pretty gassy and cries until she farts and burps. We were so proud of her on our trip to California, she didn't cry once on the plane, and sat quietly during the wedding ceremony without making a peep. We are very lucky parents.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I suck at writing blogs!

Well I decided to update incase anyone still reads this. I wouldn't if I were you. Jayden is 6 weeks and 3 days old today. She is the most amazing little person in this world. We are just starting to get the hang of things as a family. Getting to know eachother, and what works and what doesn't. Jayden started out sleeping with us, since the second she got home she refused to sleep in that bassinet. After a lot of stressing and a lot of crying, I decided not to worry about it, and let her sleep with us if that's what she wanted. Well last night she slept in it with no problems all night! It was the best night sleep I think either one of us have had since she came home. She has started smiling, real smiles, not the ones undoubtedly brought on by gas. She's not very cuddly but refuses to be on her own. She loves her daddy and he seems to be able to get her to calm down better than I can. She doesn't usually cry unless something's wrong (usually she's hungry). At her last appointment she already weighed 10 lbs 14oz. She still has all her hair, although it has been changing in color to a little red =) She gets cuter everyday and more social. Here are some more recent pictures of Jayden.