Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

Well... i suck! I told you all last week that we don't have a scale, so I have to drive to base and walk through all the people actually working out and go weigh myself and walk back out. It's incredibly embarrassing, and a huge pain in the ass. So since Jeremy is working today I couldn't bring myself to load Jayden in the car and drive all the way over there, and bring her in with me. So my weight will have to wait till Friday! But I'm guessing it's not good because I had soup and salad from Olive Garden twice and might have done a little breakfast cheat too. Oops =( So... check back on Friday!



  1. What type of weight loss program are you doing? I bought a scale from inexpensive around $7.98, but it's not digital or anything fancy, but it works =)

  2. I am doing Nutrisystem. Maybe I'll go get one. I bought a cheap one before from Walgreens and it didn't work, so i was nervous to buy another cheap one. But maybe I will!