Monday, February 1, 2010

Formula switch = Fail!

We have had Jayden on Similac Sensitive for a few months now. I keep hearing about this bullshit... I mean magical 4 month mark where all of her gas miraculously disapears. So we decided to try to switch her to Similac Advanced. It is supposed to be closer than ever to breastmilk and we were hoping to get her on something healthier. After 3 days we have already switched back. After 2 of the worst nights the two of us have ever had, I decided that if it aint broke, don't fix it. My poor baby has been waking up every 30-45 minutes screaming. After a tummy massage and pumping out some gas, she finally goes to sleep for an hour and a half or so. A vicouse cycle that puts both of us on the edge, teetering between sanity and curling up in a ball on the floor crying "please no more gas."

You know motherhood is special, when you can wake up after a night of torture, and look over at the one who has been torturing you all night and just smile and think...God I love her. After 4 months of being a mommy to a baby that I strongly believe to be the cutest baby in the world, the fact that I haven't slept more than four hours at a time for 4 months means nothing when I look at her and see her smile at me, and I know she loves me too.



  1. We are also using Similac Sensitive because she was spitting up so much on the Advanced. Also tried switching her back to Advanced about 2 months ago, and she went right back to spitting up. So she's back on Sensitive and that's where she's staying.
    Question though....Has anyone said anything to you about it making her lactose intolerant? We got varying advice from the pedi office.

  2. No one mentioned that to me, but I kinda feel like she might have already been. Cause she does sooo much better on the lactose free formulas

  3. check out Baby's Only Organic Formula...its easy on baby's belly :) you can find it online and at Wholefoods and its affordable!

    Do your research on formula's that claim to be closest to breastmilk :( check out there are some not-so-healthy things going into our baby formula. sorry to sound like a downer but we want to give our babies the best!!
    best of luck!