Monday, December 6, 2010

Week 2 Weigh In

This past week I thought I worked really hard. I worked out 4 days, and thought I did well on my points. We did go to Mexican food again, and I did has Silver Mine subs twice. But I made good choices at all three places. I even skipped a much needed alcoholic beverage at dinner because I didn't want to drink my calories.

SO I started at 184
Last week down to 180
This week I am between 177-178
Down 2-3 pounds this week. The reason I am not sure is because I have a very cheap scale and it keeps going back and forth.

There is a blog I read called Don't Stop Beleivin I am getting a lot of inspiration from Katie, and she has some great Weigh Watcher tips. 



  1. I'm a new follower - love your blog! ..and this is excellent progress in the first couple of weeks! Are you doing the old WW counting method or the new one?

  2. The old one, but I have to be honest I haven't been tracking very well. But I have been using common sense and exercising and am down 11 pounds in 3 weeks.