Friday, June 4, 2010

Life is good

I am officially back home with my baby where I belong. I don't usually consider myself a quitter, but after a week and a half of working I knew it wasn't for me. I just knew I would regret not spending this time with my monkey, and since I quit, a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. And on my second day home, Jayden pulled to stand (which she has been doing for a month) and then let go of me and stood on her own for almost 15 seconds! It was amazing. I was so thrilled I got to witness that. I can't believe she is almost standing without holding onto anything. She just turned 8 months yesterday. Now she is crawling, clapping, pulling to stand, and about to stand on her own. I'm a proud momma.

Today we walked to a nearby park for a mom's group thing, it was a beautiful day, and great company, and Jayden had a blast. Here are a few pics.



  1. Just wanted to pop in and say that I voted for you on TMB today! Hope you will visit my blog and do that same : )

  2. She is soo cute and I love her little ponytail!! Do you love being at home, I do!! I am home most days, I work 2 days a week :)

  3. OH my gosh, look at that ponytail!!!

    I'm glad you made the right decision for you! It's a hard one to make and only you know what's right for your family.

    Congrats to her on being a big girl and standing all alone!! Very impressive. ;)