Friday, April 2, 2010

I suck at life

I didn't weigh myself again. But I have a really good reason I swear. I have been thinking about getting a job. We can live off of one income, but it's very hard and we are cutting it pretty close every paycheck. We would like to pay off our cars and get a little savings account for Jayden going. Anyway, I decided that if I was gonna get a job it would be one I really want. I have been watching the help wanted ads around here and finally saw one that caught my eye. i am underqualified for the job, but i am confident I could do the job, and very well. Anyway I turned in my Resume on Monday and got an e-mail yesterday requesting an interview for Monday. I am really excited, but there is one problem. i have absolutely nothing to wear. Not one thing. So I spent today looking for something at Target and around the mall. No luck. We are gonna make a trip down to Colorado tomorrow and try again. So that is my super long excuse on why I didn't weigh myself. I will try to soon, I swear!



  1. Next time you plan a trip down to Colorado you have to let me know so that we can plan lunch or something... well depending where in Colorado you are going. I live just east of Denver.

    And don't worry, I didn't get a true weight either! I had some scale malfunctions...

    Good luck on the interview tomorrow Kelly!

  2. Where are you that you are driving TO Colorado? Wyoming? Because if so, small world, I am in one and a GREAT friend of mine is in the other!

  3. Yes I am in Cheyenne WY! We are about 40 min north of Fort Collins!

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